Dan E. Arvizu
Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dan E. Arvizu became the eighth Director of the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) on January 15, 2005.  NREL is the Department of Energy's primary laboratory for energy efficiency and renewable energy research and development.  NREL is operated for DOE by Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC (Alliance).  Dr. Arvizu is President of Alliance and also is an Executive Vice President with the MRIGlobal, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Prior to joining NREL, Dr. Arvizu was the chief technology officer with CH2M HILL Companies, Ltd. Before joining CH2M he was an executive with Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He started his career and spent four years at the AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories.

In 2011, Dr. Arvizu was appointed by President Obama to a second six-year term on the National Science Board, the governing board of the National Science Foundation and the national science policy advisory body to the President and the Congress. Dr. Arvizu serves on a number of Boards, Panels and Advisory Committees including the American Council on Renewable Energy Advisory Board, the Singapore Energy International Advisory Panel, the Great Minds in STEM Board of Directors, the Colorado Renewable Energy Authority Board of Directors, the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy Advisory Council, and is Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.

He has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University and a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.



Manuel Blanco

Chair, SolarPACES Executive Committee; Solar Thermal Group Leader and Director of the Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative, CSIRO





Piero De Bonis
European Commission

Piero De Bonis is Italian and holds a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Milan. He worked as environmental researcher at the Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment. After an experience in the private sector, he joined the European Commission in 2010 as Research Programme Officer for Concentrated Solar Power and Solar Heating and Cooling.



Luis Crespo
PhD Aeronautical Engineer and Sociologist

He was founder of the Solar Energy Division of CASA in 1975. Afterwards: Interatom/Siemens, Central Receiver System solar plant of the AIE. ASINEL, Technical Director of the German-Spanish GAST and AWEC-60 projects. Director of Renewable Energy Institute (IER/CIEMAT).

In 1989 he switched from his technical carrier to a managerial one joining the CDTI as Deputy Director. Afterwards: General Manager of AENTEC. General Director of CEX, a venture capital company with a positive track record on 50 new companies incorporated after 15 years of activity.

In 2008 he came back to the CSP sector as General Secretary of PROTERMOSOLAR. He is also President of ESTELA. He was General Manager of CTAER research center in Andalusia during its launching phase 2009-2010.
He teaches Business Administration and Financial Aspects of Energy Markets at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.



Paul Denholm
Senior Energy Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Paul Denholm a Senior Energy Analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. His research interests include examining the technical, economic, and environmental benefits and impacts of large-scale deployment of renewable electricity generation, including the role of enabling technologies such as energy storage, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and long distance transmission. His analysis focuses on modeling electric power systems using grid simulation tools with an emphasis on bulk storage technologies including compressed air, pumped hydro, long duration batteries and thermal storage. He holds a B.S. in physics from James Madison University, an M.S. in instrumentation physics from the University of Utah, and Ph.D. in environmental studies and energy analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Joseph Desmond

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Government Affairs, BrightSource Energy



Udi Helman
Senior Advisor, BrightSource Energy, Inc.

Udi Helman consults on economic and policy analysis for BrightSource Energy, the CSP Alliance, as well as other energy firms and organizations.  Previously, he was a Principal focused on market design and policy analysis in the Market & Infrastructure Development division of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO).  Before that, he worked for almost 10 years on electric power market design and monitoring at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in Washington, D.C. 

Some of Helman’s recent publications, most jointly authored, include CSP Alliance, “Economic and Reliability Benefits of CSP with Thermal Energy Storage: Recent Studies and Research Needs,” December 2012; “Integration of Wind and Solar Energy in the California Power System: Results from Simulations of a 20% Renewable Portfolio Standard,” paper presented at the UCEI POWER conference, March 2011, with subsequent versions accepted by CIGRE and the IEEE PES Summer meeting, 2012;  “RTOs, Regional Electricity Markets, and Climate Policy,” in F.P. Sioshansi, ed., Generating Electricity in a Carbon-Constrained World, Elsevier, 2010; “Large-Scale Market Power Modeling: Analysis of the U.S. Eastern Interconnection and Regulatory Applications” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (2010);  “The Design of US Wholesale Energy and Ancillary Service Auction Markets: Theory and Practice,” in F. P. Sioshansi, ed. Competitive Electricity Markets: Design, Implementation, Performance, Elsevier (2008). 

He has BA (1987) and MA (1990) degrees from the University of Toronto and a PhD (2003) from The Johns Hopkins University in applied economics and systems analysis. 



David Hochschild
Commissioner, California Energy Commission

David Hochschild was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown in February 2013. He fills the environmental position on the five-member Commission where four of the five members by law are required to have professional training in specific areas - engineering or physical science, environmental protection, economics, and law.

Commissioner Hochschild’s career has spanned public service, environmental advocacy and the private sector. He first got involved in the solar energy field in 2001 in San Francisco as a Special Assistant to Mayor Willie Brown where he launched a citywide $100 million initiative to put solar panels on public buildings. He went on to co-found the Vote Solar Initiative, a 60,000-member advocacy organization promoting solar policies at the local, state and federal level. He served as executive director of a national consortium of leading solar manufacturers and worked for five years at Solaria, a solar company in Silicon Valley. In 2007-2008, he served as a commissioner at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

For his work to advance clean energy, Commissioner Hochschild was awarded the Sierra Club’s Trailblazer Award, the American Lung Association’s Clean Air Hero Award and the Department of Energy’s Million Solar Roof True Champion Award. Commissioner Hochschild holds a B.A. degree from Swarthmore College and a Masters of Public Policy degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and was a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs.



Bobby J. Hollis II
Executive, Renewable Energy, NV Energy

Bobby Hollis is the Executive of Renewable Energy for NV Energy, where he is responsible for overseeing the Company’s renewable energy programs undertaken in order to comply with the Nevada renewable portfolio standard.  Specifically, he oversees the renewable energy and portfolio credit procurement processes.  Previously, he served as Assistant General Counsel for NV Energy, providing legal counsel in connection with the Company's renewable energy programs and the ASD project.

Prior to NV Energy, Bobby was with Invenergy LLC, a leading developer of renewable and thermal energy facilities, and Alliant Energy, a regulated utility in Iowa and Wisconsin, providing legal support for large capital projects and energy procurements and sales.  Before Invenergy and Alliant, Bobby worked as a corporate attorney in private practice at the law firms, Jenner & Block, in Washington, DC, and Baker & McKenzie, in Chicago.



Rick Huibregtse

Senior Vice President of Engineering, eSolar

Rick Huibregtse is the Senior VP of Engineering for eSolar, located in Burbank, CA. He is a recent transplant to the CSP industry, bringing a 25 year background in automotive component, manufacturing and powertrain systems engineering.

Mr. Huibregtse earned his BSME degree from Kettering University with a specialty in electrical and computer engineering. Rick’s early work experience was with General Motors component divisions, which later became Delphi Automotive. His responsibilities included product development, manufacturing engineering and supplier development. Rick was technical manager for an engine controls manufacturing plant startup in Portugal, led customer application engineering teams in Luxembourg, and was Delphi’s chief engineer for automotive ignition systems. Prior to joining eSolar, he was VP of Engineering for Remy Inc, global maker of starters, alternators and hybrid vehicle propulsion motors for commercial and automotive markets.

During his nearly 2-year time with eSolar, Rick’s experience in reliability-based design and test, manufacturing systems, cost reduction and global supply chain matches well with addressing CSP collector system industry challenges.




Jill Hruby
Vice President of the Energy, Non-Proliferation, and High-consequence Security Division, Sandia National Laboratories

Jill Hruby is the Vice President of the Energy, Nonproliferation and High-Consequence Security Division at Sandia National Laboratories, a multiprogram, science-based engineering laboratory located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More than 1300 employees and contractors, support Sandia’s Global Security of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Energy Systems and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Infrastructure and Mission Assurance, and Intersection Between the Earth and Engineered Environments capabilities.

Jill also leads Sandia’s International, Homeland, and Nuclear Security Strategic Management Unit (SMU). The SMU mission area includes nonproliferation and arms control; securing and safeguarding nuclear weapons and nuclear materials; protecting critical U.S. government assets and installation; and reducing the risks to our nation of terrorist threats and significant national incidents while maintaining and facilitating trade, travel and personal freedoms.
Jill started at Sandia in the early 1980s and following a short period working at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, she has been with the Labs for more than 25 years. She was most recently the Director of Homeland Security and Defense Systems at Sandia California. Jill also served as the Director for Materials and Engineering Science, where she was responsible for materials research and development and microsystem fabrication and performance. During the course of her Sandia career, she was also actively engaged with nanoscience research, hydrogen storage, solar energy research, mechanical-component design thermal analysis, and microfluidics.

Jill is a charter member of Sandia’s Executive Diversity Council and a member on the Board of Chemical Sciences and Technology, National Academy of Sciences.
Her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering is from Purdue University and her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering is from the University of California at Berkeley.



Jacob Karni
Professor and Director of the Center for Energy Research, Weizmann Institute of Science

Prof. Jacob Karni received his BS in Civil Engineering (1979), and MS (1982) and PhD (1985) in Mechanical Engineering, all from the University of Minnesota. He was an Assistant Professor at SUNY - Stony Brook, NY (1984-1989), and joined the faculty of the Weizmann Institute in 1989.

Karni works primarily on the utilization of concentrated solar energy. He is interested in the development of new methods for concentration, absorption, conversion, transmission and storage of solar energy, and implementing these methods in solar-energy conversion systems. Together with outstanding co-workers, Karni developed several novel solar receivers capable of working at high temperature and highly concentrated sunlight, while supplying heat to various high temperature applications, such as driving heat-engines or promoting thermochemical reactions. Jointly with another colleague, Karni also pioneered a novel concentrated photovoltaic system.

Prof. Karni and his research group are now working on a new method for using solar energy to produce non-polluting fuels. The main effort is on the dissociation of carbon dioxide and water at high temperature.

Three start-up companies, established in 1999, 2007 and 2011, are presently commercializing novel technologies based on concepts developed by Prof. Karni and his research group.



Ronald LaBorde




Jeffrey Moore
Manager, Rotating Machinery Dynamics Section, Southwest Research Institute

Dr. Jeffrey Moore is the manager of the Rotating Machinery Dynamics Section at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX.  He holds a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University.  His professional experience over the last 20 years includes engineering and management responsibilities related to centrifugal compressors and gas turbines at Solar Turbines Inc. in San Diego, CA, Dresser-Rand in Olean, NY, and Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX.  His interests include advanced power cycles and compression methods, rotordynamics, seals and bearings, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, machine design, controls and aerodynamics.  He has authored over 30 technical papers related to turbomachinery and has one patent issued and two pending.  Dr. Moore has held the position of Oil and Gas Committee Chair for IGTI Turbo Expo and is the Associate Editor for the Journal of Tribology.  He is also a member of the IGTI SCO2 Committee, Turbomachinery Symposium Advisory Committee, the IFToMM International Rotordynamics Conference Committee, and the API 616 and 684 Task Forces. 



Ranga Pitchumani
Chair, SolarPACES 2013; Director, Concentrating Solar Power, SunShot Initiative, U.S. Department of Energy

Ranga Pitchumani is the Director of the Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) SunShot Initiative and the John R. Jones III Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. In his role at the Department of Energy, Dr. Pitchumani oversees a team of technology managers and technical, financial, and support personnel who actively manage the awards in the CSP program’s portfolio. The program funds projects with industry, national laboratories, and universities dedicated to significantly advancing CSP technologies for the near-, mid-, and long-terms. Under his leadership, several new initiatives totaling over $130M have been launched that have engaged a spectrum of participants and disciplinary expertise working in concert toward the program’s mission of developing CSP technologies to meet a levelized cost of energy target of 6 cents/kWh without subsidy by the year 2020. At Virginia Tech, Dr. Pitchumani directs the Advanced Materials and Technologies Laboratory with research in the areas of energy systems and sciences, materials processing and manufacturing, composite materials, microsystems and uncertainty quantification.

Dr. Pitchumani is the author of over 195 refereed articles and book chapters and is the co-editor of seven book volumes. He serves on the editorial boards of several journals in the thermal and materials sciences. Dr. Pitchumani has received many awards including the Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is an elected member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. Dr. Pitchumani holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.



Henry Price
Vice President of Technology, Abengoa Solar LLC

Henry Price is vice president of technology for Abengoa Solar LLC. He leads a team of engineers and scientists that are responsible for the design of Abengoa’s two 250 MWe parabolic trough plants currently under construction in Arizona and California and who are conducting advanced research on a number of CSP technologies. Prior to working for Abengoa, he was a senior systems analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the parabolic trough technology manager for the U.S. Department of Energy. He participated in the DOE Solar Two molten-salt power tower project. He was the performance engineer for Luz Engineering Corporation during the development of the SEGS parabolic trough power plants.



Christian Sattler
Head, Solar Chemical Engineering Department, German Aerospace Center

Dr. Christian Sattler studied chemistry and received his PhD from the University of Bonn, Germany. He has 16 years experience in solar chemistry. Presently he is head of the Department of Solar Chemical Engineering of the German Aerospace Center’s Institute of Solar Research. A key area of his work is the production of fuels especially hydrogen by solar thermo- and photochemical processes. He published over 300 papers – including 57 refereed journal papers, 13 patents and eight book chapters. Dr. Sattler serves as vice president of the research association N.ERGHY a member of the European Joint Technology Initiative for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen. He is the national representative to tasks of the IEA’s SolarPACES and Hydrogen Implementing agreements.



Martin Selig
Founder of Novatec Solar, Member of the Board, Chief Operating Officer

Martin Selig has many years of experience in the development, design and implementation of renewable energy systems.Martin Selig studied Architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany and worked many years as a scientist at the the Building Science Group of the KIT.

He is a founding partner of engineering company ip5, a spin-off company of the University Karlsruhe in 1999, specializing in the development, design and implementation of renewable energy systems and complex building technology.
In 2006, Martin Selig founded Novatec Solar and is responsible for the market & product development of the company.



Elaine Sison-Lebrilla

Renewable Energy Program Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District




Kevin Smith
Chief Executive Officer, SolarReserve

Kevin Smith is Chief Executive Officer at SolarReserve where he leads the company’s efforts to develop and build large-scale solar energy projects.  SolarReserve’s leading technology includes integrated energy storage that can deliver clean renewable electricity on demand - day or night.  SolarReserve has $1.8 billion of solar projects in construction in the US and internationally, and more than 3,000 megawatts of projects in development domestically and abroad.

Mr. Smith has 25 years of experience in the energy industry and has held senior executive positions in numerous successful energy companies that develop solar and wind energy projects as well as natural gas and biomass fueled electricity facilities. Mr. Smith has actively led the successful development, acquisition, financing and construction of energy projects that total more than 5,000 megawatts and long-term electricity sales contracts approaching $50 billion, including projects located in the US and more than a dozen countries around the world.

Prior to joining SolarReserve at its formation in 2008, Mr. Smith was Senior Vice President at Invenergy LLC where he led the development of Invenergy Wind from a startup in 2004 to one of the largest privately owned renewable energy businesses in the world with more than $2.0 billion of projects in operation.  Prior to Invenergy, Mr. Smith was President of Insight Energy and Chief Operating Officer of London-based Rolls-Royce Power Ventures.

Mr. Smith earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago, a Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue University and is a licensed Professional Engineer. In 2008 Mr. Smith received the Outstanding Mechanical Engineer Award from Purdue University, and in 2012 he was awarded the Rising Star Award by Platts Energy for Vision and Leadership in the worldwide energy industry.



Dana R. Younger
Chief Renewable Energy Specialist, International Finance Corporation

Mr. Dana R. Younger is Chief Renewable Energy Specialist of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), working in the power and renewables team in IFC’s Global Infrastructure & Natural Resources Department.  IFC, the private sector lending arm of the World Bank Group based in Washington, D.C., committed $18.3 billion in financing during fiscal year 2013.  IFC financed more than $2.5 billion in climate related business during fiscal year 2013 of which $637 million is for renewable energy projects. This includes 28 separate renewable transactions totaling >$520 million within his Department. He has also been involved in wind and solar energy projects for more than 25 years. Recently he helped mobilize financing for two Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) projects in South Africa totaling 150 MW as well as being involved in other CSP projects still being considered for financing in IFC’s investment pipeline. He helped IFC finance a pioneering 1 MW grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) project in the Philippines in 2000 that has been in successful operation since 2005. More recent solar projects include solar PV manufacturing investments in China and the Philippines, off-grid solar PV concessions in Senegal, and numerous utility-scale, grid-tied ground-mount and rooftop solar PV projects in: Bulgaria, Chile, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, and Sub-Saharan Africa totaling >350 MW. He has participated in helping to mobilize financing for >2,000 MW of wind projects in emerging market countries including: Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, India, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Pakistan, Romania, South Africa, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Turkey as well as many other biomass, geothermal and hydro projects. He has also helped build IFC’s portfolio of clean energy private equity funds totaling >$350 million in 17 funds and has been involved in the formation of the recently launched IFC Catalyst Fund, a $280 million “fund of funds” for climate related investments. Mr. Younger also acts as lead business developer for large grid-tied renewable energy transactions with a special emphasis on wind energy, solar PV, CSP, Concentrating PV (CPV), as well as run-of-river hydro, geothermal, and biomass power projects. He served for over ten years as IFC’s Executive Coordinator for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and still plays a key role in mobilization of concessional financing from the Clean Technology Facility (CTF) and other similar sources for suitable IFC projects and programs.

He has authored articles on “Solar energy finance opportunities in key emerging markets” in EUROMONEY’s  International Power & Utilities Finance Review 2012/2013; “Post-crisis financing for emerging-market renewable energy projects” in EUROMONEY’s  International Power & Utilities Finance Review 2010/2011; and “Renewable energy finance in emerging markets” in EUROMONEY’s  International Power & Utilities Finance Review 2006/2007.  He represented the President of the World Bank Group and IFC’s Executive Vice President on the G8 Renewable Energy Task Force (2000/2001).  He is an acknowledged international expert on renewable energy who speaks frequently at international wind, solar, geothermal, and renewables conferences and is quoted regularly in trade publications and the mainstream press.



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